Bloomfield Industrial Arts

For many years the Bennett Fur Farm was a mink ranch. Then on the night of April 4, 1997, animal rights activists liberated the tenants to rampage through forest and field. Shortly thereafter the fur business closed down. The facility sat idle for a time and later operated as a saw mill. The sawdust on the floors of the mink cages was replaced by the sawdust from a wood milling operation.

In 2008, the collection of buildings found new life under Dertinger Development Corporation as Bloomfield Industrial Arts. The "old mink farm" has been rebuilt, repowered and revived into a thriving small business community. Thus, B.I.A. has become a place where small to medium businesses work with pride-of-craft and build on their success in a nurturing atmosphere.

Industrial Goes Environmental

Invictus Electrical, has turned-over a new leaf for energy consumption at Bloomfield Industrial Arts. Invictus Electrical occupies a 1400 sq ft shop at Bloomfield Industrial Arts and installed three separate custom solar installations at the site which are now producing clean-green energy. BIA has become a showroom to demonstrate practical applications for residential and commercial solar power uses.

The installation was completed in December of 2010 providing a way to power the office and common area and to sell excess energy back to RG&E. The three solar sites demonstrate the diversity of solar installations - from adjustable panels that can capture morning light and can be adjusted to face the sun to optimize seasonal changes, to fixed roof panels ideal to capture afternoon light for homes and office buildings.

Invictus Electrical owner, Michael Dertinger says "It is still exciting every time I explain to a visitor how the system works and show them on the meter how energy is flowing. It's a plus that we heat and light our central office with the installation that they can see right above their heads." Dertinger says he couldn't ask for better place than Bloomfield Industrial Arts to launch his business. "This place has the zoning I need and a great place to meet with clients at a fair price.

Dertinger looks forward to your inquiries into possible solar energy solutions for your home or business. Invictus Electrical is also a Licensed electrical contractor. Contact them at or call 585-657-1164