Who We Are

We are a unique, thriving community of great people with successful businesses. Today the complex boasts a fudge maker, a Solar Designer/Installer, a baseball/softball workshop space, as well as individual contractors and artisans of many disciplines. With a new name came a new personality and culture. BIA provides the arts of industry, taking pride in things made with care by hand. BIA offers available space for any craft, from bakers to stone-crafters and from welders to product designers. This truly is a "one of a kind" space for your unique and creative needs.

Bloomfield Industrial Arts is located on Bennett Rd in East Bloomfield - close to 490 and Eastview mall - at the former site of Bennett Fur Farm. We are ready to customize your work space to your company's needs. Our spaces carry loads of potential. Many of our spaces could work for woodworking, blacksmithing, enameling, welding, glass work, a foundry, small batch manufacturing, stonework, or even a fitness center. BIA includes use of a solar powered common area on site so that you can meet with clients away from your shop or just take a break and grab a quick coffee. We have month-to-month leases available and internet access as well. So if you are starting a business, have a creative vision, or just ready to take the next step and move out of the garage or basement, come out and take a look. We think you'll find yourself surprised that BIA might be the best thing you can do for your business.